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On this site you can read about our housing cooperative.

In a housing cooperative, the entire property is legally owned by a non-profit corporation, in which the tenants own shares. Each share carries the right and duty to lease an apartment from the cooperative. Shares can be bought and sold, but the cooperative's rules strictly limit the price for which they may change hand, as is the case in AB Skovbæltet.

AB Skovbæltet is located in the area called Trekroner, in the eastern part of Roskilde. There lives about 4500 people in the area of Trekroner.

AB Skovbæltet is located about 500 meters from the local school Trekronerskolen, and about 700 meters from the train station.

Trekroner Center is our local small shoopingcenter. There are 2 large supermarkets where you can buy your daily groceries, Superbrugsen and Fakta.

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